Cedar Consulting would like to introduce a service that we provide to the Oracle user community - free and without obligation.

We send out newsletters once a week with the most recent Oracle releases, news articles and commentary that we think the marketplace should be aware of. One newsletter is for PeopleSoft users and the other at the world of Oracle Cloud (Fusion & Taleo). Both are established publications and have a combined readership of over 1,000 subscribers (well spread geographically, as well as a good mix of Oracle, partner and client readers). Furthermore, Cedar also has a semi regular newsletter highlighting important information such as the latest Oracle/Cedar user events.

They're all curated by human beings (so contain no spam entries) and every article has been personally selected by our team. It’s heavily pro-Oracle, but is not Cedar-only (we include any strong content that our fellow partners blogs about).

You can unsubscribe at any time and we’ll never give your email address to anyone else or flood your inbox with spam.

To subscribe simply click here to send a subscription mail request to Marisa Harris and Simon Boscoe who will gladly add you to our mailing database.