PeopleSoft Security Services

In a mobile device world and a time of headline grabbing security breaches, is your PeopleSoft solution robust enough to fight modern cyber-attacks?

The delivered PeopleSoft security framework is robust and secure but is missing some important features when deploying PeopleSoft on mobile platforms or when providing remote access to users. This is why Cedar Consulting has exclusively partnered with GreyHeller in helping bring to market their excellent PeopleSoft ERP Firewall solution.


Grey Heller Firewall Video


Security concerns should not be a limitation to your PeopleSoft aspirations

The modern business is increasingly being expected to allow business transactions outside of the traditional work environment, on both corporate devices and employees’ own devices. The ability to safely deploy PeopleSoft processes outside the company firewall, on mobile devices is essential.


We can help you assess your PeopleSoft Security

Cedar Consulting offers a short service to visit your organisation and identify and assess the security gaps and risk in your system. We will then suggest options for the resolution of problems and reduction is risk, to ensure your PeopleSoft deployment aspirations are not held back.


We can help you build and test your mobile security solution

Cedar has the expertise to offer the services to design, build and test your mobile security solution.


What does GreyHeller ERP Firewall provide


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