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Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics

What is it?

"Embedded Analytics" is an umbrella term for the PeopleSoft reporting technologies that can be combined to provide a powerful application analytics layer. These technologies are:

  • Pivot Grids: display data in a dashboard and chart, with run-time ability to view the data in different views.

  • KPI Chart: Combination of Query and Pagelet Wizard to create dashboards and visual status indicators.

  • Drilling URLs: use of a result column to navigate to a related target destination.

  • Connected Queries: ability to connect simple queries together to readily produce data for complex business reporting.

Real Benefits

  • On Homepages and Work Centres, KPIs can be made highly visible.

  • Users can display information and drill down to detail how it suits them best.

  • Users can perform business intelligence without leaving the application.

  • Combining KPI charts with drill-down allows managers to quickly identify what to focus on and take immediate action.

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