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December 2017 - How Does Taleo Rank Different Aspects of Applicants?

December 2017 - How Does Taleo Rank Different Aspects of Applicants?

Author: Marc Boettcher, Cedar Consulting Taleo Lead Consultant
The answer to the question lies, like so many other times, in the way the company that is using Taleo has it implemented. The system has multiple methods of qualifying candidates relative to the job requirements.

The most effective method is being employed by answering the questions during the actual application process - the candidate filling in the forms on the career site.

The company can define rules for a requisition. The rules would, in most cases, would follow this idea:

How many of the asked questions during the application flow were answered positively and our match ‘required’ setting.

How many questions were answered with an ‘asset’ match? Let’s say they are asking 10 questions and they would flag 7 as 'required' according to their expectations, if 3 questions answered ‘their’ way would be matched as being an asset in the candidate skill set. Taleo displays candidates with more ‘required’ hits more prominently to a recruiter. If two people have the maximum required hits, their asset question will be taken into account for ranking higher on the recruiter list view.

The type of question and the possible answers to them is defined by the company. None of that is pre-configured in Taleo and the company is required to set this up. This is a very basic functionality of most applicant tracking systems.

If you are interested in more information, please get in touch with Marisa Harris.



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01 August 2019

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