Past Event - 9th May - Transforming Recruitment with Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud

Past Event - 9th May - Transforming Recruitment with Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud

Attendees of this special half day seminar met with recruitment systems experts from Oracle and Cedar Consulting who shared valuable information on how to make your recruitment processes more efficient and valuable to their organisations. Topics that were covered included:

  • TOP TIPS: The essential list of top tips for organisations to consider when evaluating a move to the Cloud

  • BUSINESS BENEFITS: Insight into how you can transform recruiting through Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud and deliver quantifiable benefits
  • DEMONSTRATION: Demonstrations of the new release of Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud, including Recruit, Social Sourcing, Onboarding and Analytics solutions

  • ON GOING MANAGEMENT: Based on our real work experience, a look at best practices managing Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud post go-live

How Can Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud Help You Transform Recruiting?
As it becomes harder and harder to find and replace top talent, learn how Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud can help you assess and hire the best candidates. Discover how Oracle Talent Cloud can be used to automate recruitment for even the most complex global organisation, and, how it can be used to continuously improve talent acquisition efficiency and effectiveness.

Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud: Demos Part 1
Discover some of the benefits of Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud via live demonstrations of some of the systems' core functionalities. This includes Social Sourcing, Requisition and Approvals and the candidate experience and core mobile functionality.

Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud: Demos Part 2
More live demonstrations to introduce you to other key components of Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud. Demonstrations will include: eOffer, Onboarding, Integrations and OBI reporting functionality.

Top Tips: How to Manage Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud Once You're There
This session provides post implementation tips on how to ensure you sucessfully embed Oracle Talent acquisition cloud within your organisation and realise the benefits associated with the solution. Practical tips will be given on things to consider around your recruitment strategy, upgrade and support considerations.

Oracle & Cedar Consulting Expert Panel
An open forum for you to raise any questions on points covered during the session or any general points in relation to Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud.

If you would like more information about this event, please contact Marisa Harris.


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