Multiple Dates - PeopleSoft Webinar Series

Multiple Dates - PeopleSoft Webinar Series

Expired 19 July 2019

PeopleSoft & GDPR: The Challenges You May Not See Coming

The Personal Identifiable Information (PII) residing in your PeopleSoft applications poses specific threats to your GDPR compliance efforts. With this in mind, there are critical facts that organisations utilising PeopleSoft must know before a potential audit.

Attendees of this webinar discussed these challenges and addressed how GreyHeller's Application Security Platform can fill the gaps that can be the difference between GDPR compliance and potentially millions in fines.

Overcome PeopleSoft Single Sign-on Challenges

An effective, native Single Sign-on (SSO) in place for PeopleSoft can provide your organisation with maximum security and productivity. Without it, you're faced with multiple challenges to overcome.

On this webinar, GreyHeller showed how they can provide a tightly integrated SSO solution leveraging identity management providers: SAML, ADFS and Shibboleth. Attendees joined us as they demonstrated seamless end-user access to PeopleSoft in the following manner:

  • SSO via ADFS and Microsoft 365
  • Deep link navigation from email
  • Linking from a 3rd party portal
  • High level configuration of SSO integration

Please contact Marisa Harris for this recording.

Optimise & Enable PeopleSoft Fluid UI with PeopleUX by GreyHeller

This session will discuss how GreyHeller’s Fluid Enablement Platform – PeopleUX – can help you quickly and easily overcome these challenges and adopt Fluid to modernize your UX across all desktop, mobile devices and operating platforms. In this session, you will learn how PeopleUX can:

  • Handle your existing customisations - ensuring you do not lose or are forced to rebuild page customisations
  • Handle pages that aren’t yet available in Fluid UI - PeopleUX can simulate a UX to provide a seamless experience
  • Maximise the use of the resources and skills you have (you don't need to source CSS/Javascript resources)
  • Minimise the impact of customisations to selective adoption pages

Empower Your Workforce: Optimize PeopleSoft for Maximum Employee Engagement

Learn how PeopleUX by GreyHeller maximises the reach of your core self-service processes (performance management, recruiting, financials, and more) by empowering your employees with an intuitive UX design and maximum mobile functionality.

By plugging into your existing PeopleSoft self-service applications, the HTML can be rendered to deliver a user experience that is aligned with your processes, your workforce, and your brand! In this webinar, we'll discuss how PeopleUX:

    • Transforms 100% of PeopleSoft pages (Classic and Fluid, customizations included) to deliver a truly mobile responsive experience that is seamless across all of your applications - and your users' devices
    • Reduces on-boarding for new employees and successful workflow completion for existing employees with an easy-to-use, intuitive UX design
    • Significantly increases engagement from millennial end users
Please contact Marisa Harris for this recording.

Gain Deeper Insights with Enhanced PeopleSoft Logging & Analytics
Thursday 4th October 2018 | 1:00 PM BST

Most organizations have limited to no threat monitoring of their ERP/HCM applications and rely on perimeter firewalls that are typically not effective for thwarting a malicious insider or an external targeted attack. In addition, NEW data privacy mandates have placed added pressure on organizations to have a granular view of the activity surrounding the data that resides in their various systems.

Join us as we demonstrate how GreyHeller's robust combination of Granular Logging and PeopleSoft Security Analytics can give you the insights needed to spot a possible security threat before it's too late!

  • Learn how field/component/page level access data + visibility tools can provide industry best practices for application security and data compliance.
  • See how GreyHeller's PeopleSoft logging solution gives you total visibility into how credentials are being used, data being viewed, and where access is coming from.
  • See how GreyHeller's Analytics dashboards provide a visually rich display of access data for fast threat remediation.
  • Learn best practices for data monitoring and regulating controls in service to on-going compliance with NEW and upcoming regulations.

For more information on this event or for any general queries, please contact Marisa Harris


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