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September 2015 - Our first four PeopleSoft Selective Adoption offerings have been launched

September 2015 - Our first four PeopleSoft Selective Adoption offerings have been launched

01 September 2015

We are thrilled to announce the release of our first PeopleSoft Selective Adoption offerings.

With the move to PeopleSoft v9.2, Selective Adoption will be used to deliver all updates. This inovation brings with it an array of new tools and processes that change the way functionality and fixes can be added to your system. Through these four new offerings, we can help ensure you realise the full potential of Selective Adoption:
- Image Insight
Each PeopleSoft Image released contains a huge number of patches and a significant quantity of new functionality. We can monitor for the new releases, run an analysis of the content on your behalf and provide a document that will help inform you on what to take from the image.

- Image Hosting
There is significant effort involved in hosting the PeopleSoft Images. As each image is a full PeopleSoft system, not only does it require specific hardware but the download and setup steps can be time-consuming. We can host the PeopleSoft Images on your behalf, performing all of the installation and configuration steps and taking care of all hardware and software requirements.

- Selective Adoption Testing
We can provide a number of ways to help alleviate the testing effort. Using the team in our Cedar India offices we can provide you with skilled, but cost-effective testers to check specific areas of your system and help troubleshoot any issues. In addition we can use our experience with PeopleSoft Test Framework to automate some of the test scripts.

- Training
We can talk you through the way that Selective Adoption works, the tools that you need to get it running, and offer training on how best to take advantage of it.


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