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January 2015 - The PeopleSoft Optimisation Programme:  PeopleSoft HR Optimisation Review

January 2015 - The PeopleSoft Optimisation Programme: PeopleSoft HR Optimisation Review

20 January 2015




Are you making the most of your investment in PeopleSoft? We can help you uncover and make use of the functionality that you already own to improve the value, accessibility, usability and visibility of your PeopleSoft solution.


Core benefits of the service

Identify and understand the PeopleSoft HR features that you own but don’t gain benefit from.

Increase cost savings quickly through process efficiencies and improved user experience.

Deliver a clear opportunity roadmap for the development of PeopleSoft aligned with your business aims. This will allow improvements to be delivered in the short, medium and long term.

Detail section


Can you identify with any of the above?

Implementations and upgrades can frequently fail to unlock the real value of your solution, as the focus can often be to replace legacy systems or remain compliant. However, once the foundations are in place, often small investments can achieve big returns.

Our highly experienced consultants combine a passion for client satisfaction, innovation and deep process expertise to help realise the full potential of your PeopleSoft solution.

We expect you to see improvements within weeks and achieve ROI within months.

Let’s make it happen

To find out how you can take advantage of this new Cedar Consulting service please contact simon.boscoe@cedarconsulting.co.uk or call +44 (0) 7738 024826


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