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7th - 9th December 2015- Come and listen to our 3 sessions at the UKOUG Apps 15 conference

7th - 9th December 2015- Come and listen to our 3 sessions at the UKOUG Apps 15 conference

29 November 2015

Join us at the UKOUG Apps 15 conference between the 7th and 8th December in Birmingham, full details can be found here. We are very pleased to be invited back by the UKOUG to speak at multiple sessions at this year’s conference. Below are details of all the sessions we are involved in.

Presentation Title: Taleo for PeopleSoft People
Speaker: Jo Randles
Presentation abstract: We'll show you the Taleo products that work well with PeopleSoft and explain the circumstances in which they might be a good choice for you. We’ll also show the products working together and explain how you can deploy it without breaking the bank.

Presentation begins: 08/12/2015 16:20

Presentation Title: Running PeopleSoft as a Service
Speaker: Duncan Davies, Oracle ACE
We've all heard of the 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) vendors. You don't need to abandon the many benefits of PeopleSoft to gain the agility, security and efficiencies of consuming PeopleSoft as a Service however. We'll show the key tenets of 'as a Service' delivery and how functionality like Selective Adoption enables you to attain them with PeopleSoft.

Presentation begins: 08/12/2015 13:10

Presentation Title: PeopleSoft Fluid, Classic or Both: A decision for Every Customer
Speaker: Graham Smith, Oracle ACE Director 
PeopleSoft 9.2 on PeopleTools 8.54 made available the Fluid user interface aimed at self service, casual and executive users. Many Classic self service components now have an alternative Fluid based component giving customers a choice of running Classic or Fluid versions. However, with choice comes the need to make decisions. This presentation explains what these choices are and some real world discussion on what decisions need to be made and offers some help in making them.

Presentation begins: 09/12/2015 14:30

Also, add these to your UKOUG sessions calendar. Hear a great customer stories from some of our present clients

Presentation Title: Using the Portal to Create a Leaver Process
Speaker: Mark Thomas & Sean Earlam
Company: Hays
The previous current leaver process was lengthy, awkward to administer and reliant on line-managers clicking in and out of various systems. Additionally, the various departments involved have manual processes or systems that are not inter-linked. This makes the administration of exiting employees clunky and time consuming.
• The process was inconsistent with a risk of over-payments
• Delays to revoking system access increase risk around data and intellectual property theft
• There is no synchronicity at all between any of the systems used to administrate leavers. There is therefore a risk that Hays may not be able to continue to deliver the highest level of customer service to contacts and candidates, which could impact on our employer brand
• The fact that the process is inconsistently administered and there is subjectivity applied to rules, leaves Hays exposed to potential risk and associated costs.
The solution was the creation of a ‘PeopleSoft Leaver Portal’ which collects data from all related systems and departments allowing the business and line managers to follow a leaver process from start to finish quickly and easily.
The primary objective of the PeopleSoft Portal was to:
• Minimise all costs
• Maintain high levels of customer service from the point of resignation/dismissal
• Reduce exposure to risk

Presentation begins: 08/12/2015 15:20

Presentation Title: Use a PeopleSoft Technical Upgrade to Drive Business Value
Speaker: Claire Jones
Company: PA Consulting
In the spring of 2014, PA Consulting Group upgraded its PeopleSoft Financials system to version 9.2. The approach used to complete the upgrade was the classic ‘technical upgrade’ implementation – the upgrade which happens but to the end user all seems the same. However, there was a clear path identified to get the best out of v9.2 and at the same time engage the user community as part of a wider PA change programme. This presentation explores how PA implemented Financials and succeeded in delivering business change.

Presentation begins: 09/12/2015 09:00



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