15th/16th November - PeopleSoft Technical Masterclass

15th/16th November - PeopleSoft Technical Masterclass

Cedar Consulting will be running a 2-day seminar, with a day dedicated to each of two key topics – ‘PeopleSoft Security’ and ‘PeopleTools Optimisation’, supported by its partners from GreyHeller and Blackstar.

DAY ONE - PeopleSoft Security
Are you confident that your PeopleSoft solution is properly protected against cyber-attack? Do you understand the impact of GDPR on your organisation and your PeopleSoft solutions? Have you considered the threats of deploying PeopleSoft in a more mobile working environment? Hot Topics in the world of Security include Malware, Ransomware, Phishing, Password and Denial-of-Service attacks, and are all serious risks. GDPR becomes effective mid-2018, with huge non-compliance fines. Deploying PeopleSoft in a mobile working environment requires enhanced levels of security.

The Seminar will:

  • Look at the existing and emerging security threats to an Enterprise system and discuss specifically how PeopleSoft can be hardened to resist them

  • Specifically consider ransomware and how to harden your security to protect yourself

  • Explain the requirements of GPDR and specifically its impact on the management of PeopleSoft solutions

  • Explain the risks of using PeopleSoft in a more mobile manner (outside of the corporate environment) and specifically on a mobile device, and how these can be minimised 

DAY TWO: PeopleTools 8.56 Optimisation
With the release of 8.56, Oracle has further built on the user experience and features delivered within 8.54/8.55:

Fluid development is easier, but still not the answer to all requirements | PeopleSoft can be fully deployed in the Cloud, for PUM, Development, Production and DR. More and more PeopleSoft clients have moved their PeopleSoft systems to the Cloud, either partially or fully | There are many Tools features to enhance the UI of PeopleSoft | ElasticSearch has replaced SES, to the relief of most PeopleSoft professionals!

The Seminar will:

  • Look at the pros and cons on building your own Fluid pages and also consider options for clients who would deploy classic pages on a mobile.

  • Provide best practice guidance for Fluid development.

  • Look at PeopleSoft Cloud Manager and deployment of PeopleSoft to the Cloud - how it works, the benefits and the drawbacks.
  • Look at ElasticSearch and discuss how to get the most from it.

  • Explore what is new at 8.56 and how to exploit it.

  • Explore how to make PeopleSoft look as good as Cloud solutions.

  • Discuss the team’s thoughts on Oracle’s ongoing PeopleTools investment strategy. 


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